What can we do for you?
We answer your telephone for you in a friendly, cheerful, efficient manner when you're unavailable or do not wish to answer yourself.

How does our system work?
When you want us to answer your calls, simply call-forward your phone to us. Our telephone agents will answer in your company name and take the caller's pertinent information or provide them with the information you want given out. When you return, remove the call-forwarding and receive a full report of all calls via fax or e-mail. See Sample

What are the advantages to you?

1. Shorter Hold Times
When a call is received at Ability, our state-of-the-art system assigns your call to the most available operator helping to eliminate long hold times.

2. Make the Most of Your Work Day
Ability can take your overflow calls during regular business hours freeing up your staff and creating a more efficient workforce.

3. Error-Free Messages
The operator types your caller's message into the computer enabling precise message taking and call handling. In addition, statistical reports showing details about every call made or received are available for your records.

4. On Call Procedures - a Model of Flexibility
Your staff's on call list can be easily changed and verified through automated updates as well as your texts and e-mails can be instantaneosly uploaded to your answering account. All on call changes are reviewed by our 24/7 support staff.

How can we save your money?
Full-time staffing is not cost-effective for most businesses, large or small. By hiring us to handle the after hour calls, you can provide your clients with 24­hour service at a fraction of the cost.

Who do we answer for?
We can provide service for most anyone. Our clients range from medical practitioners to small businesses to international corporations with a multitude of locations. No company or profession is too small ... or too large. References based on business classifications are readily available.

When are we available to you?
We can provide almost any level of service ... full-time, evening, weekend, vacation, temporary, or as needed. We are here for you 24-7.

What are the costs to you?
Our rates are based on the volume of calls taken for your company. We customize our rates to meet your budget and expectations. Basic service fees start as low as $25 for 24 hour coverage.

How soon can we get you started?
Usually within 2 days. However, same day service may be available, if needed.

How can we be of service to you?
It would be a pleasure to have you as a customer and we're confident you'll be pleased with our service. Call us anytime and we'll talk it over.

Call Our Office 1-800-897-9880 Or e-mail to: info@abilitymessaging.com

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