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Benefits of Using an Answering Service

An answering service may appear to be a luxury, something offered to only the “big guys” whose phones are always ringing. But, the truth is, answering services are used by businesses of varying sizes. from the large enterprise organizations to the mom and pop shop down the street. The reason? Answering services are meant to scale. If you’re not getting a lot of calls today but your phones are ringing off the hook tomorrow, your answering service can adjust to fit your needs. If you relied on a single receptionist, you would run the risk of missing calls.

Here are a few more benefits of using an answering service you may want to consider:

  • Suitable for all industries – Most businesses have customers calling in either to ask about their products or services or to make a purchase. Large corporations who receive a lot of incoming calls use answering services to help customers get the answers they need. Smaller organizations such as those that provide services, use an answering service to handle after hour calls or calls that come in during peak hours.
  • No calls are lost – In any business, a lost call can be a lost customer. With an answering service, someone is always there to answer the call.
  • Focus on your business – Hiring an answering service means that your team can focus on servicing the customer who is on location, rather than answering calls. An answering service will not only handle the calls for you, they will also offer top-notch customer service resulting in increased sales.
  • Non-stop service for your customers – No matter what day or time it is, the people calling your business will be able to get information about your products and services, or schedule an appointment. All of this continues to happen on holidays and weekends.
  • Bilingual agents – If you have customers or patients that do not speak English, having a bilingual agent, will make the process much easier.
  • Custom process – Each business has a certain protocol for answering telephone calls and an answering service will customize the answering service process to meet the needs of your business. Answering services are an extension of your business.