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Commercial Property Management Answering Services

When people call your office, they are likely looking for a place to live. When your renters call, in most cases, they do so because there is an issue with their property that requires immediate attention. One of the last things that the caller wants to hear is a computer robot answer the phone or even worse, be asked to leave a voicemail. In both cases, this will just lead to frustration on the caller’s end and a bad reputation for the property management team.

Instead, people expect a professional and respectful live person that can listen and help them with whatever inquiry they may have. This is exactly what our commercial property management answering services are all about.

Why choose our Commercial Property Management Answering Services?

Ability Answering’s goal is to build strong relationships with both the contracted properties and their tenants. We prioritize calls based on “Fire, flood, blood” protocol and act accordingly. Our agents can reach the on-site or on-call manager which is responsible for any emergency situations. Our commercial property management answering services can be structured to send and receive messages through text, email and outbound calls.
Furthermore, Ability can work with third party service providers such as towing/parking, security dispatch, electricians, plumbers, and locksmiths to expedite the services your tenants need.

Commercial Property Management Answering Services Benefits

  • No additional expenses – We already took care of the necessary equipment and training of employees.
  • Cost effective – We can provide high levels of professionalism at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist.
  • Expert agents – We make sure that all of our agents are well prepared before they start work.