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Medical Answering Services

Medical Answering Services

Most calls that come into a medical facility during business hours are to schedule well visits, ask general questions, or to receive information about the doctor’s practice. The calls that come during non-business hours are the ones that are often more critical and concerning for both a doctor and their patient. When a person calls a medical facility during late hours, it is often because they are suffering from a medical issue and they need help immediately.

Automated services vs. human interaction

Automated services do not tend to make patients feel any better; in fact, they tend to frustrate and upset an already stressed patient. Leaving voicemail messages on an automated machine is not very reassuring either. More often than not, people prefer to speak to an actual person about their concern or to have their questions answered by a member of the medical staff.

Reasons to choose medical answering services

Staffing a full medical office can be costly. A professional medical answering service can provide the quality care that your patients deserve without the worry and stress of staffing a fully operational office 24/7. With a medical answering service, your patients will be greeted warmly by someone who wants to help them solve their problem and ease their concerns. At Ability Answering Service, we believe that there is nothing better for your patients than to offer support and care during their time of need.

Our medical answering services are designed to offer you, your team, and your patients peace of mind. For this reason, every member of the medical answering services team has been trained and has a clear understanding of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Your patients’ privacy is a top priority for every member of our staff.

Here is why you need our medical answering services:

  • During business hours, you and your employees can focus on your patients. This increases efficiency and makes the work environment pleasant.
  • We will pick up the phone as soon as a call comes in. No one likes to wait for someone to answer, especially when they have an emergency. Imagine how happy your patients will be when their calls are answered immediately each time.
  • Our team of experienced medical phone agents will follow the directives provided by your office.
  • Our medical answering services are designed to ensure a smooth experience for the patient. Our agents are ready to note down every detail from the patient so that your patients will feel they are speaking to members of your own staff.
  • We offer statistical reports which show in depth details regarding each call.