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Telephone Answering

Once your telephone lines are transferred (usually by call forwarding), our friendly staff answers your calls in a professional manner. Each message is processed according to your exact specifications with customized instructions to meet all of your office needs. See Sample.

While capturing all of the vital information, Ability has various methods to deliver these messages to you. Ability is able to relay these pertinent messages by fax or e mail so you have them when you return to the office. If you're "on the go", messages can be texted to your cell or any smart device. We also can bridge or patch the calling party to you immediately.

In addition, a report logging your calls is always ready to be sent at pre-scheduled times or upon your request.

Dispatch Service:

Similar to how telephone answering works, but all calls are either emailed or texted directly too you instantaneously. Dispatch Service pricing is usually 20 - 30% less than standard telephone answering.

Instantaneous Capability of Instruction and On-Call Changes

Have access to upload and maintain your own on call schedule, make information changes on a permanent and temporary basis in real time.

First Ring/No Hold Option:

Naturally, we try to process all of our customer calls as expeditiously as possible. We plan our staffing diligently to avoid hold times since these are vital benchmarks for our service.

If required, we can partition the level of service where your line is answered on the first ring and your callers will never experience being placed on hold while we take their messages for you.

Appointment/Reminder Services:

We can set appointments, place reminders for these appointments through operator and system recalls which can assist in valuable time management and accent your business Image.

Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing:

Let us assistance you in any media driven or client response campaign with customized scripting and a web enabler interface that mirrors the caller's view of your internet site.

We also act as your market research assistant by handling outbound calling for survey or data gathering projects. Low cost per record pricing while providing verification and grading of each contact.

Secure Messaging:

Secure Messaging encrypts all transmitted messages from Ability so only you can read them. Activating Secure Messaging simply requires you to download a FREE App to your smart device and you are assured of confidential dispatch which meets the requirements of HIPAA and PHI.

Our Secure Messaging Application utilizes SSL technology—the same technology that protects sensitive information on major websites that offer secure online transactions. An SSL Certificate enables encryption of sensitive information during transmission. See details.