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After Hours Answering Services

Is your business or medical practice getting phone calls from customers and prospects at all hours? Whether you’re a doctor’s office or a service contractor, your customers may need assistance after business hours. And while some calls may be true emergencies, others can be simple questions that can be answered easily. When your customer calls, they want to speak with a knowledgeable person that can listen to their concerns and provide actionable solutions to their problem.

A voicemail cannot accomplish this and an interactive voice response (IVR) system can become frustrating if the customer does not know how to route their call. Staffing your office 24/7 can become costly and there is no guarantee that the number of calls coming in will justify the addition of another salary.

24/7 Answering Service

By partnering with us, your customers will be able to reach a live person, 24/7. Our offices are also open on holidays so you can focus on spending time with your family and not worry about the calls coming in.

We are Flexible

Our 24/7 answering service is designed to be modified based on your needs. From the first “Hello” through the conclusion of the call, our staff will follow the call-flow you have specified, every time.

Emergency/Dispatch Answering Service

Have you found that the customers calling you late at night aren’t always in the middle of an emergency? It can be frustrating dealing with incoming calls late at night on your personal phone. Having a successful business can be a lot of work and time consuming. Let us handle your after-hours calls with our emergency/dispatch answering service. If it’s a true emergency, we can follow your company’s protocol whether that means that you want us to contact you or someone else on your staff. We will follow your designated protocol.