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Appointment Scheduling Services

Do your customers want an easy way to manage and schedule their appointments, regardless of time of day? Does scheduling appointments for your patients or customers take up a lot of your staff’s time?

Making appointments for routine medical care or for household repairs can be difficult during business hours since most people are not able to leave their job to make personal calls. Furthermore, sometimes, there’s added wait time and other factors making the appointment scheduling service take even longer. Offering your customers the flexibility to call whenever they can, improves customer experience and develops trust between you and your customers.

With our appointment scheduling service, you can rest assured that every single person who contacts your office will have an appointment scheduled for them in a timely manner. Our trained operators are ready and waiting to answer the phone for you whether it’s day or night.

How it works

  • We’ve designed our appointment scheduling service to be easy and efficient to use for you and your staff.
  • We schedule the appointments using a database that you and your team have access to. We can also cancel or reschedule appointments based on your customer or patient needs.

 Benefits of using our Appointment Scheduling Service

  • View appointments in real time – Gone are the days of flipping through an appointment book. If our staff schedules an appointment for you, the system will be updated in real time so there is no chance of double booking. When the next caller requests a given day and time, you’ll know if that time slot is available in real time.
  • Reminders – We can schedule a reminder SMS or email to remind your customer or patient of their upcoming appointment. If you prefer a little bit more of a personal touch, a call can be made instead. Our services can be adjusted to fit your unique business needs.