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Emergency Answering Services

There are many reasons that your business may need an emergency answering service. For medical professionals, it could be to handle incoming calls late at night from your patients who are not sure if they should go to the emergency room or who have questions about a medication. For service contractors, it can be assessing a customer’s need for an immediate visit to their home or scheduling an appointment for the next business day. Regardless of your industry, properly handling emergency calls is of the utmost importance.

As business owners, it is impossible to be available 24/7 in the event an emergency arises for one of your customers. Hiring additional staff members to be available in the case of an emergency call requires additional budget and may become unrealistic for your business over time.

Many businesses that receive emergency calls leverage our emergency answering services to help them find balance in being both available and maintaining a normal work schedule.

Our emergency answering services provide many benefits including:

  • After-Hours/Dispatch Answering Service – Following your protocol, we will ask the right questions to determine the nature of your callers’ emergency. The advantage to an after-hours/dispatch answering service is that once we gather all of the pertinent information, we will contact you to discuss the matter and you can make the decision about what the next steps should be.
  • Highly Trained Operators – Our experienced and trained phone representatives will assist you and your callers, no matter the reason for the call. Our operators are trained to remain calm even in the face of an emergency in order to provide optimal customer care.
  • Appointments – Our trained phone representatives understand that appointments need to be made in an orderly and efficient manner. This helps to ensure that both you and your customer have a pleasant experience. Per your directives, our staff will make sure to gather all the necessary information at the time of scheduling and will also relay any important information to your customers at that time.