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Employee Call-In Services

Our Employee Call-In Hotline provides companies with friendly, assured assistance in helping to manage unexpected absences and weather-related occurrences. Our agents will answer your employee’s call and collect specific information per your customized script such as employee name, department, supervisor, the reason for absence, date, shift, etc. Then we notify all necessary personnel through group text and email notifications. Each call can be recorded, time-stamped, and issued a confirmation number to ensure accurate tracking for each employee.

We have bilingual agents on staff and we also utilize the AT&T Language Line Assistance so your employees will be comfortable using their native language.

The Employee Attendance Line provides a single point of contact for the employee. In addition to giving your management staff time and flexibility and will allow HR to manage absences and tardy incidents with ease.

The benefit of having an attendance hotline for employees is that it will eliminate the uncertainty on whom your employees need to call if they are sick, tardy or unable to work. Employees appreciate the opportunity to speak with a neutral third-party, which also provides legal indemnification for all parties.

Our pricing is affordably structured based on the number of employees at your company.