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Live Answering Services

For most businesses, the main method of contact with their clients is via phone. We have learned over the years that not answering your customers’ call can have a major impact on their relationship with your business. Every single call that comes in is an opportunity to grow your business with your current customers as well as new ones.

Being placed on hold or going through an endless loop in a business’s phone system where it is not always clear what department the call should be routed to, can be frustrating to a customer. Often, the calls will be abandoned and the customer will look for other businesses to contact that are available to assist them. Call abandonment and customer churn are often results of a lack of availability when the customer needed you most.

Our live answering services can provide your business many benefits:

  • Appointments – It is important to manage appointments to maximize efficiency. Furthermore, if done properly, appointments will provide a steady wave of people coming in throughout the day so that your staff will not be overwhelmed at any given point. This also leaves your customers with a good impression as they are being seen as soon as they arrive; they will know you value their time and their business.
  • 24/7 Live Answering Services – These days, people expect everything to be open 24/7. No matter what day or time, they will call to either ask for information or to make an appointment for the next day. Even during your non-business hours, you will want to make sure all of your customers feel valued; a live answering service will take care of your clients over the phone.
  • Trained Staff – Our staff is experienced and trained to work with customers across a wide variety of industries. Good customer service starts with the very first phone call and our agents will make sure that is always what your customers receive. We will follow the protocol set forth by you and your team.