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Secure Messaging Answering Services

We understand the importance of providing a safe and secure answering service for you and your patients. One of the main focuses of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is to protect the confidentiality of medical information for all patients. Communication with a patient can be tricky since there is often very sensitive and personal information that needs to be communicated. It is extremely important that personal patient information not be communicated by telephone and that any data collected be protected and encrypted.

When medical data is exchanged between your medical facility and its patients, our team is trained to make sure everything is HIPAA compliant and all data is confidential.

How does Secure Messaging Answering Service work exactly?

Although we understand the need for complete confidentiality when it comes to patient information, we also believe that the exchange of information should not be difficult. In fact, it is our goal that our secure messaging answering service simplifies the process while maintaining HIPAA compliance. The process is simple and efficient for every person involved – the patient and your staff.

How our Secure Messaging Answering Service works:

  • Ability Answering Service receives your patient’s message and adds it to our secure system.
  • Your medical facility is notified of the secure message delivery without the personal information included.
  • Our Secure Messaging Application utilizes SSL technology encrypting sensitive information. A member of your team can login to the secure portal to access the message and take over with the necessary next steps.

See details of our Secure Messaging application.