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Telephone Answering Services

In any business, large or small, the telephone is still often the quickest way to communicate. Whether you are running a brick and mortar store, a medical facility, or a trade business, customers want information from you. Managing incoming calls while you’re on the job can be difficult and staffing a team to handle these calls can be costly. Rather than miss calls and have to spend a portion of your day managing voicemails, why not focus on your customers and look to a telephone answering service to manage customer calls?

Missing a customer call can mean lost revenue. A patient trying to reach a doctor’s office to make an appointment with no answer or long hold times, may call another doctor. Or, a customer could have an immediate need and want to use your services but may have trouble reaching you by phone, a plumbing emergency for example sometimes cannot wait. A missed call is a missed chance to earn a lifelong customer too. Patients and customers alike, no longer want to wait, they are on the go, and want you to be available. Partnering with a phone answering service means you never have to worry about that missed call again, day or night.

Benefits of using our Phone Answering Service

  • No Hang ups – When a call is sent to voicemail or an irritating robot answers, most people will hang up and look for help somewhere else.
  • Professionalism – Our phone operators are highly trained from the beginning and continue to be trained on a regular basis to ensure efficiency, familiarity with your business and utmost professionalism at all times.
  • 24/7 Phone Answering Service – Customer calls can come at any time - day or night. Our Telephone Answering Services will make your establishment available 24/7. Our team can escalate any calls that are emergencies, based on your requirements, or schedule a callback with a member of your team for the next business day.