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About Us

About Ability Messaging

Why Choose Ability?

Ability Messaging is a family owned business that began with the acquisition of several small telephone answering services in Fresno, California in the mid 1970's.

We have three integrated and fully redundant call centers employing approximately 75 service agents. We are small enough to realize the importance of every message and large to afford and utilize the latest in messaging technologies.

Our answering system can handle unlimited detail on how to specifically answer your calls coupled with message formats personalized so you get exact messages time after time.

An automated "Recall" system which certifies that all outgoing messages are sent accurately and in a timely manner.

Our staffing guarantees bilingual receptionists are always available.
Siempre tenemos recepcionsitas bilingüe para servirle.

Located in the Central Valley of California, we have a strong and flexible workforce that still respects hard work and dedication to every customer. • Ability utilizes nationwide "toll-free" dialing for all inbound calling, so we are just "around the block".